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Asante boosts companies’ business through technology solutions to process high-volume data, information analysis, and improvement of internal decision-making processes. Furthermore, it continuously applies a number of values and principles that guide its work philosophy and allow the expansion of regional reach and ongoing market growth:

Innovation and Creativity
Energy and Passion
Trust and Collaboration


Our Solutions

Wazi Solutions

A set of solutions developed by the Asante IT development team.

ESP, the solution for the search, processing and analysis of large volumes of information.

VD, the platform for intelligent management of all company files.

IS, the most effective system for searching, processing and analyzing corporate site information.


Management of the main tools for data management

Lucene allows you to build the most powerful technology platform for the intelligent management of all company data.

Through working with Elasticsearch, the cost of infrastructure for businesses is drastically reduced.

Solr accelerates access to customer services and simplifies the analysis of information in real time in multiple formats, origins and levels of complexity.

DevOps y Cloud Computing

Asante provides operations and DevOps services, the entire AWS (Amazon Web Services) list, and hybrid cloud deployment and management.

Hourly. Customized and tailored budgets.

Environment. Scalability and flexibility suited to each business model.

Monitoring and maintenance. Your monitored environment 24x7.

Automation. Automation focused on improving performance and minimizing downtime.

We have analyzed the case of @HabibsOnline to detect and report changes in their documentation through the following keywords #StudyCase #WaziESP @Asante

Document Auditing in Real-Time
Walmart Chile

Walmart Chile


The #WalmartChile case involves the need of a price positioning indicator for online sales. #StudyCase #WaziESP

Price Analysis for Online Sales Channels



The @MaxHuber Challenge: To manage the search for content within client’s documents in real-time. #StudyCase #WaziVD

Document Contents Analysis in Real-Time



@PubSemana was looking to reduce the time between the publication of the written article and its appearance on search results. Download the case study now #StudyCase #WaziESP

Content Analysis in Real-Time

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