The most powerful technologic platform for the smart management of all company data. The most powerful technologic platform to smartly manage company data. Learn some of its features now and download the whitepaper for more technical, operative, and functional information:

  • File Storage

    Store important files for your business through an agile and simple interface. Wazi VD allows you to save documents, keep history of previous versions, and access its content in real-time.

  • Tracker

    Control the creation of new documents, their modification and creation of new versions. Wazi VD offers a toolset to monitor all files that are part of the platform.

  • Multitype

    Processes structured and non-structured data by providing users the appropriate tools for its specific use.

  • Knowledge Management

    Share a knowledge platform with all collaborators. Wazi VD is a document management system that boosts information and knowledge exchange inside the organization.

  • Multisource

    Absorb information from multiple sources: owned or external websites, ecommerce systems, databases, rich text formats, e-mails, and more.

  • Quality Management

    Access the information you need quickly. Wazi VD allows you to locate company documents in an agile and orderly manner, helping internal Quality Control and allowing external certifications.

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